Mock JEE 2016 - Feedback


Hyderabad: Ranker’s JEE (Main) 2016 Convener Ramakrishna Adury, on the successful conduct of the Ranker’s JEE (Main) 2016, a Computer based (Online) Mock test for JEE (Main) - 2016 aspirants at eight centres in three States, said that the Students writing these exams were able to assess themselves. "They took the exam very positively, and from the exam they learnt the importance of time management and picking questions," the Convener said. Speaking on the question paper, Ramakrishna said that the questions were tough and the JEE (Main) exam pattern over the previous years was followed," he said. He further said that some students did not try the difficult questions, despite knowing the working because of paucity of time. "At the Ranker’s JEE (Main) Exam, students got questions that are not given on a regular basis in colleges," he said. On the participation of students in the exam, Ramakrishna said that many parents had come to know about the exam through the electronic channel TV 9 . "At the exam, there was student representation from all colleges – corporate and non-corporate," he said, adding that by writing such exams, students gain confidence.

KAB Educational Consultants, in association with TV 9 and with valuable support from Ranker’s Learning, successfully conducted Ranker’s JEE (Main) 2016, on January 24, 2016. KAB conducted the Ranker’s JEE (Main) 2016 Test for the First Time for the benefit of students to help them in TIME MANAGEMENT and SPEED. This Test acted as a Preparatory Meter for students writing the JEE (Main) Exam in April 2016.

TCS iON provided the Technical Support to conduct the Exam. All those students, who wrote the exam, will receive a Detailed Analytical Report on their performance on February 5, 2016. This report will help the Students in their preparation for the JEE (Main) 2016 Exam. KAB spoke to some enthusiastic students coming out of the exam centres and this is what they had to say:

Students Speak
Parents Speak

Chandra Imandi who wrote the Ranker’s JEE (Main) 2016 Exam, was brimming with confidence, when he stepped out of the centre. Sharing his experiences, Chandra said that the Exam was very helpful. “The overall standard of the Exam was good. Physics is considered tough, but was able to solve the questions," Chandra said. He went on to add that such exams are useful to the students.

Ravi Imandi Father of Chandra, who hails from Samalkot, said that this was the first online test for his son. "I was very keen that my son wrote this exam as it would be live experience that would be helpful while writing the JEE Main exam in April. We would also use the Ranker material for the JEE Exam," Ravi said.

Satish Kumar of Pratibha College from Rajahmundry said that the Ranker’s JEE (Main) question paper was good. "The advantage of writing the online exam is that we can review a question later. This is impossible in offline," Kumar said. He said that he was looking forward to the detailed analytical report to help him better his performances for the JEE (Main) 2016.

ChPavani Sri, student of Pratibha College, Rajahmundry, said that the Ranker’s JEE (Main) exam was just like the Main Exam. “The exam was like a practice test for the JEE (Main) 2016. In fact there is no difference between online and offline exam,” she said. On the question paper, Pavani said that the Maths, Physics and Chemistry questions were just like IIT JEE questions

PVSS Shiva Varma,, Mega Junior College of Rajahmundry, said that the Ranker’s JEE (Main) Exam has given clarity to the JEE Main Exam. “I have got clarity on the concept and application. Writing an online exam was a good experience, however, I feel writing the exam online is best,” Shiva said.

He added that the Online methodology helps to recheck options. "Question paper was tough and easy in parts. This exam has helped me realise my preparation. By writing Physics, I have got clarity in application, while Chemistry was easy and it gave me confidence and is useful for my final preparation," he said